Nx Talkshow Systems

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Clean, consistant call quality.
Every line - every time.

Find a radio facility where caller audio quality is important, and chances are you'll find a Telos Nx broadcast phone system. Nx12 twelve-line and Nx6 six-line systems deliver the cleanest, most consistent call quality possible from even the most challenging calls. Nx systems combine multiple advanced telephone hybrids (each with their own AGC, noise gate, and caller override dynamics) with Telos' famous Digital Dynamic EQ, a sophisticated multiband equalizer which analyzes and adjusts received audio spectral characteristics so that calls sound smooth and consistent despite today’s wide variety of phone sets and connection types. Nx systems also feature caller audio sweetening by Omnia Audio, special echo cancellation to tame tricky VoIP and cellular calls, and anti-feedback routines to tackle the acoustic feedback that plagues open speaker applications.

Nx6 works with up to 6 telephone lines, and Nx12 with up to 12 lines. Each system has four hybrids, for extra flexibility in fast-paced talk environments, and feature a useful “dual studio mode” that allows a single system to power phones for two studios at once, each with its own Program-On-Hold input. Out of the box, you can connect 4 control surfaces (phones, screener PCs or console directors) for flexibility in commanding your calls – or up to 8 surfaces using accessory power supplies.

Nx systems will work happily with either POTS, ISDN-S, or ISDN-U lines -- just tell us when you order. Or, if you are ordering Nx12, split the difference and specify half POTS, half digital line interfaces. Setup is easy too: Nx systems have a built-in Web server for fast configuration and remote monitoring functions, and a Livewire port for fast connection to Axia AoIP networks.